Steel Truss Bridge & Steel Girder Bridge

Steel construction is a construction material that is lighter than concrete but has a high strength. These qualities make the steel material as the perfect solution to be formed into a bridge construction which requires a material that is easily formed as a modular/segment/part of bridge. With convenient delivery despite of some occasional transports should go through the remote areas. In addition, the installation in the field is relatively fast.

Steel structure is a perfect solution for bridge construction due to:

  1. Bridge for the highway traffic usage requires the speed of installation or project completion. The time needed for the construction of the bridge would burden ongoing traffic. The shorter the time construction of the bridge, the better traffic area will be.
  2. Bridges typically have a long up to very long spans. Material steel is the only material able to withstand long spans with little pedestal in its foundation. The same thing cannot be done when the bridge was built from the construction ofstone or concrete that requires more pedestal foundation for the same span.
  3. Pedestarian bridge that requires the speed of installation and economical price. The structure of the pedestrian bridgehas the load characteristic that have been detained not too heavy, requiring rapid completion and economical. Overall, the construction of pedestrian bridge which made of steel is more economical than concrete material.

For protecting the iron, it can be covered by anti-rust paint or hot dip galvanized coating.
We provide wide range of bridge spans along with the strength of the bridge adjusted to the needs of the strength of the bridge.

The structure of our products are safe toward work load, dead load, live load and other additional loads such as wind load, snow load and earthquake load.

We also can produce the bridge truss structure in accordance with the specification and design the customer wants. We will recheck the details to make sure that the structure can support the load that you requisite. We will provide feedback and offer prices of production.

We construct and provide a bridge construction of steel with a various length, ranging from 15 meters up to 100 meters spans.


Steel Truss Bridge
Type A A40, A45, A50, A55, A60, A100
Type B B40, B45, B50, B55, B60, B100
Type C C40, C50


Steel Girder Bridge
Type A A15, A20, A25, A30
Type B B15, B20, B25, B30


Steel Bridge Made in Indonesia
Steel Truss Bridge & Steel Girder Bridge


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