70 KV – 500 KV Quality High Voltage Power Transmission Tower Of Galvanized Steel Structure ASTM British Standard

We manufacture and provide various kinds of high voltage power transmission towers made of galvanized steel structure. Our products of transmission tower have installed in many places in Indonesia.

We make products that fulfilled applicable standards in the International and have been adopted by many standards in other countries. Our products are made based on International standards (American standard for ASTM base & Japanese Industrial standard for JIS) to ensure strength, safety and durability.

Here are standards that become our references:


Material International Norm / Standard Design
Steel shape and plate ASTM A-36 / JIS G31 01
Steel Pipe ASTM A-53 / JIS G 3444/ STK 4000
Bolt and nuts (galvanized) ASTM A-325 / JIS B1180
Anchor Bolt ASTM A 307
Hot Dip Galvanized ASTM A-123

We classify our products, the high voltage power transmission tower into several types, divided into their ability of transmitting power in maximum Voltage capacity;

    1. 70 KV high voltage power transmission tower.
70KV  Transmission Tower
    1. 150 KV high voltage power transmission tower.
150KV Transmission Tower
    1. 275 KV high voltage power transmission tower.
275KV Transmission Tower
    1. 500 KV high voltage power transmission tower.
500KV Transmission Tower
    1. Substation
Sub Station Electrical Power


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